SEO Lead

SEO Lead

Profound Commerce, a reputed acquirer and operator of e-commerce brands, is seeking a results-driven professional to serve as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Lead. They will be responsible for the monitoring and improvement of organic rank of our portfolio of products across third party marketplaces and search engines. They will work closely with Performance Marketing,  Brand Management, Product Development, Audience and Finance to improve product ranking through better copywriting, UX, design, new product features, optimized paid traffic and more.

The ideal person for this role is excited about the opportunity and peril of selling on the largest marketplace in the world. They may have direct experience on Amazon, or perhaps experience performing SEO on Google. Regardless, they can methodically bridge a goal to rank for a set of keywords into a strategy and set of tactics to achieve it. They can manage a portfolio of these strategies across the brand portfolio. They have a natural curiosity (follow the latest news, trends, etc.) with e-commerce SEO. And, they have demonstrated an ability to be effective with finite resources. 


  • Monitor keyword rankings of products across all brands in the Profound Commerce portfolio on Amazon using a mix of third party tools.
  • In partnership with brand managers and the Performance Marketing team, implement improvements to listings and launch campaigns (earned, paid and/or owned channels) when rank degrades.
  • In partnership with the Performance Marketing team, use affiliate and influencer marketing to grow awareness, drive sales and improve rank on target keywords.
  • Research new opportunities for line extensions based on keyword research. Work with Brand Managers, Performance Marketing and Product Development to launch and improve products to capture keyword search volume.
  • Figure out ways to improve how we identify ‘at risk’ keywords and products. How can we maintain rankings for products? What early interventions can we take/
  • Continually identify improvements in our internal processes in how we launch, measure and optimize our keyword campaigns.
  • Work closely with brand management, graphic designers and copywriters to make improvements to product pages — with the overall goal of improving organic Amazon position and contribution margin.
  • Work with our Philippines Lead to hire, manage and mentor a high-performing team of professionals in our Cebu City, Philippines office to help you achieve SEO objectives.
  • Keep up with all of the action in with A9 / A10 and other Amazon algorithms. Whether rumor or fact, be the first to hear about potential changes to Amazon’s algorithms. Communicate what the implications might be to the brand managers and executives.


  • Bachelor’s degree across any discipline. We want to see that you challenged yourself, demonstrated critical thinking skills, and learned how to make a great argument.
  • Prior experience examining (lots of) data, drawing conclusions and making decisions.
  • Prior experience optimizing content and products for high rank within Amazon or Google’s ranking algorithm. 
  • Prior experience running “experiments”. This role will entail generating hypotheses, designing experiments, measuring results, and scaling what is learned. We prefer candidates who have approached their work in this manner before.
  • Numerical fluency. You need to be able to quickly do simple math in your head to estimate the return on investment of various ranking initiatives.
  • Ability to work independently and make decisions without a lot of oversight.
  • Ability to work in-person several times a week from our small (but mighty) offices in South Austin.

This might be a great fit for you if … 

  • You have a bias for action …
    • Abstract concepts don’t excite you as much as concrete tactics.
    • You have learned about what works in SEO by putting things into practice, more than reading about them.
  • … and are interested in this problem … 
    • We have many brands, with hundreds of products that capture a diverse set of keyword searches. 
    • Marketplace (Amazon, mainly) algorithms are continually updating, and there aren’t that many folks who expertise in SEO on e-commerce marketplaces.
    • You want to gain or grow this expertise because you think it is fundamental to success in e-commerce
  • … and you have a temperament that can thrive at our company
    • You enjoy crafting and presenting arguments, and can disagree without being disagreeable
    • An eye for detail in written and verbal communication
    • If something needs fixing, you fix it.

About Profound Commerce

Profound Commerce is a fast-growing brand holding company that owns and operates a next generation portfolio of consumer products brands. Profound Commerce brands benefit from a superior marketing, operations and finance platform with seasoned e-commerce hands at its helm. Profound Commerce colleagues all share the desire to do the best work of their career, and value the way that their efforts directly impact the top and bottom lines of a business. If this matches with what you are looking for in your next role, come join us!

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