Brand Manager

Brand Manager

Ever dreamed of running your own business? What about a big one, growing fast? We are seeking a results-driven individual to serve in the role of Brand Manager for a member of the Profound Commerce family of consumer brands. 

As Brand Manager, you will be responsible for both the day-to-day and long-term success of your assigned brand. You will work closely with our operations, marketing and creative teams to drive profitable growth of your brand. Everyone, from the CEO on down, will cheer for you every day and help you succeed.

The ideal person for this role brings enthusiasm to an assigned brand (check out for the list), can translate data and insights into action, and communicates well on paper and in person. They have demonstrated an ability to be effective with finite resources. 


  • Manage the day-to-day success of your assigned brand on Amazon. Monitor the brand’s presence, performance and metrics each day, with an eye towards boosting growth. Develop / implement tactics when you see growth taper.
  • Conduct consumer and market research. Monitor how your brand is currently positioned in the market. Identify and size underserved consumer segments.
  • Create business plans outlining strategic opportunities for revenue and contribution margin growth of your brand. Arrive at costs, revenue potential, and the people required to implement your plans. Then, put your plans into action…with the support of the rest of Profound Commerce!
  • Work with our customer service teams to maintain an incredible customer experience.
  • Work with our marketing team to create, launch, monitor and optimize marketing campaigns to grow your brand’s community and your brand’s revenue.
  • Expand your assigned brand to new marketplaces and geographies. Work with our operations and marketing teams to launch in new markets.
  • Work with our product development team to launch line and brand extension SKUs.


  • 0 to 3 years experience in a fast-paced, high-growth company.
  • Bachelor’s degree across any discipline. We want to see that you challenged yourself, demonstrated critical thinking skills, and learned how to make a great argument.
  • An impeccable attention to detail. Intermediate to advanced spreadsheet skills.
  • Ability to work independently and make decisions without a lot of oversight.
  • Prior experience examining (lots of) data, drawing conclusions and making decisions.
  • Bonus if you have prior experience working within the Amazon ecosystem.
  • You are able to work In-person from our humble (but mighty) offices in South Austin, TX

This might be the greatest job ever if …

  • You’ve dreamed about running a business …
    • Maybe you majored in a supposedly unemployable major like Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations, while running a side hustle on stockx selling sneakers
    • Or you enjoyed getting your business degree, but were disappointed in how little about ‘business’ you learned at your summer investment banking internship
    • You probably could get a job at a global consulting firm, but you think you might learn more about how businesses operate by running a food truck than by making Powerpoints
  • … but recognize you still need to learn about a few things … 
    • You want to learn about e-commerce and consumer internet business models
    • You want to learn about (and apply) the fundamentals of marketing, operations and finance for a business
    • You’d appreciate mentorship and guidance from folks who’ve done this before — and have done it well.
  • … and you have a temperament that can thrive at our company
    • You enjoy crafting and presenting arguments, and can disagree without being disagreeable
    • An eye for detail in written and verbal communication
    • If something needs fixing, you fix it.

About Profound Commerce

Profound Commerce is a fast-growing brand holding company that owns and operates a next generation portfolio of consumer products brands. Profound Commerce brands benefit from a superior marketing, operations and finance platform with seasoned e-commerce hands at its helm. Profound Commerce colleagues all share the desire to do the best work of their career, and value the way that their efforts directly impact the top and bottom lines of a business. If this matches with what you are looking for in your next role, come join us!

Connect with us on LinkedIn to learn more, or reach out directly: info at profound commerce dot com.